I don't have all the answers, but after coaching 16 years, getting my master's in Biomechanics, and listening to a bunch of books on leadership, management, and coaching, I might have a few things that'll help you out! I also may make some apps to help coaches, and you can tell me what would help you! 
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Corey Stone

Former college cheer coach trying to help you out.

Wassup? I'm Corey, here to help! I was a high school gymnast before cheering at KU, then I assistant coached at Iowa while getting my master's degree in biomechanics (ie, the study of human movement). I was Head Coach at KU from 2004-2015, with multiple top-5 placings at Div1A Large Coed UCA nationals. Now that I'm retired from coaching, I'm taking my 20+ years of cheer experience to help cheerleaders and coaches like you!